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AL-X1 Electric Fire Truck

Product description

AL-X1 Electric Fire Truck




No. Model Name AL-X1 Fire Truck
Vehicle parameters
1 Outer dimensions 5200×1500×2200 mm
  Maximum total mass 7500 kg
  Liquid carrying capacity 3500 kg
  Maximum speed 40 km/h
  Fire pump rated flow 600L/min  0.55MPa
  Fire monitor rated flow rate 650L/min  0.55MPa
  Fire cannon range ≥ 45m
  Approach angle/departure angle 23°/21°
  Minimum ground clearance 190 mm
  Braking distance 7 m
  Battery life 80-100 km(the full load)
  Battery mileage Battery range of 100 kilometers
  Car mounted intelligent charger, waterproof and dust-proof design, with high temperature warning and automatic power-off function
Main parameters of the chassis
2 Model XF02-1/HW09-1
  Rated power of motor 7.5 kw *2
  Engine peak power 15 kW *2
  Engine type 175-7.5-7*2
  Motor type and power Communication asynchronous,
15 kw
  Driving form 6×4 rear independent dual drive
  Braking system Front and rear drum hydraulic brakes, dual-circuit hydraulic brakes, parking brake device
  Braking distance < 30m
  Tires The front and rear wheels are steel rim tubeless tires
  Wheelbase 2050 mm /850 mm
  Maximum allowable total weight 7500 kg
  Axle load mass Front Axle:2500 kg,
Rear Axle:5000 kg
  Minimum turning radius ≤ 6m
  Transmission form Single-stage automatic
  Charging voltage 220V
  Charging time 6-8 hours
  Climbing slope 21%
  Transmission speed ratio 18:01
  Battery form Lithium Ion Battery
  Battery capacity 72V /200Ah
  Chassis and frame High strength steel frame, steel bumper, chassis number tapping on the frame.
  The chassis meets the requirements of advancement, reliability, stability.
Passenger compartment
3 Structure Flat head, four doors, double row
  Number of drivers / passengers 4
  Driver position Left-drive, integrated seat backrest adjustable with headrest
  Rearview mirror Wide-view rearview mirror on the left and right outside
  Instrument board equipped with fireman control panel and warning light control box.
1. Alarm system included warning lights and megaphones;
2. Reversing image;
3. Electric steering and brake booster;
4. Flash
5. Radio power cord pile head
6. The cab is equipped with positioning device, and the positioning technology of WGS84 (international standard) coordinate system.
General layout
The whole vehicle consists of two parts: the firefighter's crew compartment and the body. The body is arranged in an overall frame structure, with a built-in water tank, equipment boxes on both sides, and a water pump cabin at the rear. The tank body is a parallel cuboid box-type tank with transverse and Longitudinal wave protection board
Equipment box and pump
Driver Room
4 The main cabinet frame is welded with high-quality square tubes, the interior decorative panels are made of smooth brushed aluminum oxide plates. The roof is made of high-strength anti-skid plates that can walk and operate the fire cannon.
  The equipment box is located at the rear of the passenger compartment, with an aluminum alloy rolling shutter door and an LED lighting strip. The interior decorative panels are made of glossy brushed aluminum oxide plates, and the interior panels and floor panels are both made of glossy brushed aluminum alloy plates;
  The equipment cabin is located at the rear of the passenger compartment and on both sides of the box. There are aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors on both sides with lights inside. Storage boxes and partitions are provided in the equipment box room according to needs.
  Made of lightweight high-quality aluminum alloy, it is flexible opening and closing, good sealing, low noise, beautiful appearance, light weight and reliability. It has a guide groove on the top and sealing strips around it, which has good rainproof, dustproof and sealing properties. Equipped with lever-type bar lock handle and one-point pull strap.
  The pump cabin is located at the rear of the vehicle. There are aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors on both sides and the back. There are LED lighting strips inside. The interior panels and bottom plates are all glossy brushed aluminum alloy sheets. Some commonly used equipment can be placed on both sides of the pump cabin. The fire pump can be quickly disassembly.
  The ladder is located at the rear of the vehicle, and adopts an integrated straight ladder with integral handles designed on both sides, connected to the vehicle body screws. It is made of anti-slip circular steel pipes with grooves on the surface and treated with electrophoretic spray paint.
  The equipment is arranged according to the actual needs of firefighting, taken and placed nearby according to the fire operation procedures. Fix with specialized fixtures that are resistant to casting corrosion, vibration, detachment, and scratches. Placing or getting any equipment according to usage within 2 actions by standing on the ground or panels.
5 Type: Built in
  Capacity: 3500kg
  Structure: equipped with anti-vibration plate inside, thickness more than 2 mm;
  Material: High quality Q345 carbon steel, with side plate thickness of 2mm and bottom plate thickness of 2mm. All inner walls are treated with anti-corrosion treatment for durability;
  Tank body is fixed: Elastic connection with chassis frame sleepers
  Tank body:  
(1) Main hole: 1 DN400 hole with quick locking / opening device
(2) Overflow port: 10 * DN25 overflow ports (ventilation holes are the overflow ports)
(3) Drain outlet: one DN50 water tank drain outlet with ball valve
(4) Water inlet: Connect one DN65 interface on each side of the water tank
(5) Inlet and outlet: Install one water tank to the water pump inlet pipe, DN65 valve, manual control; install one water pump to the water pipeline filling pipe, DN50 valve, manual control
(6) 1 set of DN50 valves for front and rear spraying structures, manually controlled
(7) 1 set of DN50 valves for the top water cannon system, manually controlled.
Fire Pump
6 Model JBQ6.0/10 Hand lift fire pump
  Form Atmospheric centrifugal
  Rated flow rate 600L/min, 0.6MPa
  Rated outlet pressure 0.6MPa
  Maximum suction depth 12m
  Water diversion device Equipped with vacuum pump
  Diversion time 10.45S
  Power 10kw;
  Type/number of cylinders Four stroke/single cylinder air-cooled
  Starting method Integrated flashlight
  Head 65m
  Rated flow rate 10.11 L/s
  Water suction diameter and Water suction diameter: 65mm
water outlet diameter: Water outlet diameter: 65mm (quick interface)
Water outlet diameter:  
Pipe System
7 1. Pipeline material High quality seamless steel pipe
  2. Water suction pipeline Install a DN65 suction port inside the pump compartment
  3. Water injection pipeline On both sides of the water tank, there is a DN65 water injection port with a shut-off valve and a tap.
  4. Water outlet pipeline One DN65 water outlet is installed in the pump compartment,
  5. Auxiliary water pipeline Vehicle front and rear spray system pipeline DN50 with ball valve
Vehicle mounted water cannon
8 Rotation angle 360 °horizontal rotation
  Maximum pitch/pitch angle Depression angle ≤ -15 °, elevation angle ≥+45 °
  Traffic 30 L/S
  Range ≥ 45m
Fire Control System
9 Control inside the cab:
(1) Top mounted main power switch, alarm lights, strobe lights, lighting and signal device control, etc.
(2) The driver's central alarm light control box is safe and convenient to operate. Equipped with: reverse image, flashing, alarm lights, loudspeaker, radio power cord pile head.
(3) Installed an LED warning light on the top of the cab
(4) Installed a climbing hook at the rear of the car
(5) Installed red strobe lights on both sides of the vehicle bod
  Upper box control: Electric and manual start of water pump, all ball valves
  Pump room control: Equipment box and pump room
Electrical Equipment
10 Additional Electrical Set up independent circuits
  Auxiliary lighting The firefighter's room, water pump room, and equipment box are equipped with lighting lights, and the control dashboard is equipped with lighting, indicator lights, etc.
  Strobe light Install red strobe lights on both sides of the vehicle body
  Warning device Long row all red warning lights, installed on the top of the cab
    Alarm and loudspeaker, with their control box located below the driver's front
Surface Treatment
11 Topcoat High quality domestic paint
  Color The main color on the exterior surface of the car is RO3 fire red. The color can be customized.
Equipment layout
12 According to the actual needs of firefighting and according to the fire operation procedures, place them nearby.
  Fix with specialized fixtures, preventing rust, vibration, detachment, and scratches.
  Clearly mark, operated by multiple people without interfering with each other.




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