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Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

1.The inner ring or outer ring can be separated, easy installation and disassembly. 2.Large radial bearing capacity, suitable for bearing heavy loads and impact loads;
Product description

Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings



1.The inner ring or outer ring can be separated, easy installation and disassembly.

2.Large radial bearing capacity, suitable for bearing heavy loads and impact loads;

3.The friction coefficient is small, suitable for high speed, and the limit speed is close to deep groove ball bearings;

4.N type and NU type can move axially, can be used as free end support;

5.The processing requirements for the shaft or seat hole are high to prevent relative deflection, so as to avoid contact stress concentration.


Detailed Introduction

Cylindrical roller bearing rolling parts are cylindrical rollers, which are separable bearings, convenient for installation and disassembly. According to whether the ring has ribs or not, it can be divided into N, NU, NJ, NF, NUP and other single-row cylindrical roller bearings, NNU, NN and other double-row cylindrical roller bearings, and also multi-row cylindrical roller bearings. Cylindrical roller bearings generally use copper alloy lathe-made solid cages or engineering plastic cages. When the speed is low and the load is large, it can be full-roller structure without cage.

Double row bearing: NN, NNU type

The outer ring of the NN type bearing has no ribs, and there are ribs on both sides of the inner ring and a rib in the middle. Displacement in two directions in the axial direction between the shaft and the bearing housing is allowed. The outer ring of the NNU bearing has ribs on both sides and a rib in the middle, and the inner ring has no ribs. Displacement of the shaft relative to the bearing housing in two directions is allowed.



Double row cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in large and medium-sized electric motors, rolling stock, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, gearboxes, rolling mills, vibrating screens, and hoisting and transporting machinery, etc.




Certified Product



Packaging and Delivery

Packaging Details: Boxed or as per requirement

Port: Chinese port, to be negotiated

Delivery time: related to the number of orders, please contact us for details


Our Factory Profile

Shandong Alin Machinery Co., Ltd, Renhe High-precision Bearings Co., Ltd belongs to Alin group. It is located in Industrial Development Zone of Liao-cheng city, which is bearings manufacturing base in China. We have been specialized in the production of auto parts, bearings and retainers since year 1986. Our company has passed ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and IATF16949 quality management system certification. Sincerely welcome to visit our factory!







Q1: When can I get the price?

A: We usually quote within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry. If you are really in a hurry to get the price. Please call us or let us know in your email so we can prioritize your enquiry;

Q2: What about your delivery time?

A: Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and when you place the order, please contact us for details;

Q3: How about after-sales service?

A: We provide high-quality after-sales service for each order, and we will be responsible for solving any problems for you.




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