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AL939 Wheel Loader

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Product description

The wheel loader is a shovel transportation machine widely used in roads, railways, ports, coal mining, water conservancy, national defense, urban construction and other projects. It reduced labor intensity, accelerated construction speed. The main functions are shoveling loose materials and transporting in short distances. Compared with caterpillars, wheel loader has good maneuverability, easy to operate, fitting for road transportation.


Product Features 


1. Based on scientific design, our wheel loader is compact and smart appearance. It’s suitable for operating in small size construction site and yards.

2. Gearbox and bridge are patented. The gearbox has double height and low speed, enables it work more powerful and move faster, save oil around 25 %. The working life of the wheel side drive axle is five time longer than normal quality.

3. The split type gearbox has good heat dissipation performance, reduced the whole machine working temperature by 30 degree. It greatly increased the machine service life.

4. The gear material is made of 40 chromium treated by tempering process, which working life is 5 times of common gear.

5.The heavy wheel axles and big front and rear wheelbase greatly enhanced the machine stability and rise strength.

6.Air intake three-stage filtration, fuel two-stage filtration ensured the engine combustion efficiency under harsh conditions, increased service life.



Technical parameters                                AL939

Rated load quality

  2500 kg

Rated bucket capacity ( level )

  0.65 m3 - 0.10 m3

  Engine Model

National Emission Standard L3

Rated power

  80 kw - 89 kw

Unloading height

  3600 mm

  Tire model

  16/70 - 24

External dimension ( L*W*H )

  6740*2050*2960 mm

Converter model


Transmission type


Gear Box Gearshift Mode

  Hydraulic drive ( Dual Speed )


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