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AAC Block Production Process

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Product description

1. Boiler is used for supply heat and steam for casting and mixing tank, pre-heating room and autoclave. Temperature of slurry inside mixing and casting tank is about 40℃. Temperature inside pre-heating room is about 40℃. Temperature inside autoclave is about 190℃.

2. Aluminum powder is forming agent of AAC blocks. Aluminum paste mixed of aluminum powder and water is filled into mixing and casting tank.

3. Cement is stored inside cement silo. Lime is crushed by Jaw crusher and milled by Raymond mill. Then lime powder is transported to lime silo by bucket elevator. Cement and lime powder are transported to powder weighing tank by screw conveyor. Cement and lime powder is measured in cumulative metering. Then they are filled into mixing and casting mixer.

4. Coal fly ash (or sand, sand should be milled by ball mill to small granules) is mixed with water inside slurry mixer. The slurry is stored in slurry storage tank. Slurry is measured by slurry weighing tank and then filled into mixing and casting tank.Cement, lime powder, aluminum slurry and coal fly ash slurry (or sand slurry) are mixed inside mixing and casting Machine.Then AAC slurry is filled into mould box.

5. Mould box stays 90 to150 minutes inside Pre-steaming room. Then crane turning machine will take AAC green block to cut cart. Cut cart takes green block to lateral and vertical cutting machine to finish cutting.Then crane block Carrier takes plate with AAC green blocks to steaming cart. Steaming cart is driven by winch machine to autoclave for 8 hours steaming. Finished AAC blocks is sent to ground by forklift truck.

6. Steam cart with Plate is pulled back to crane clock carrier by winch machine. Crane block carrier takes plate onto Plate transport system, which transport plate back to crane turning machine, and it combine plate and mould box together. Mould box can be use for next cycle after painted with machine oil.

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