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Radiation Protection Door

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Radiation protection door


The radiation protection lead door is with steel frame inside and 304 stainless steel, color steel plate, cold-rolled plate, Gorgeous plate outside surface. The high-quality pure lead plate is lining

Inside. It’s mainly used in hospital CT room, fluoroscopy room, gastrointestinal contrast room, bone density instrument room, DR room, CR room, nuclear magnetic resonance, stomatology and so on. It can be customized according to the user's actual protection requirements and door opening size. The products are with advanced technology, beautiful appearance and strong durability. It can effectively protect X-ray, γ-ray and neutron rays. The quality fully meets the international protection quality standards.


Lead Door Classification


1. Sliding door: single sliding door, double sliding door, upper hanging track sliding door, lower track sliding door.

2. Swing door: single-sliding door, double-sliding door, sub-mother door.

3. Electric door: electric sliding door, electric swing door


Electric Lead Door Operation


1. The remote controlled door.

2. Deluxe elevator control panel, control button switch door.

3. Optional pedal control switch.

4. The door can be manually opened and closed when power failure.


Protective Lead Door Necessary Device


1. Safety device: Electrical, mechanical and infrared, which ensures safety and reliability.

2. Frequency conversion device: Through the adjustment of the open-close speed, it makes the operation friendly with low noise. Safety is rest assured.

3. Electric protective door lock: The lock and motor interlocking device prevent the anti-theft lock from damage when opening the door in anti-lock locking condition. 

4. The electric protection door is equipped with manual adjustment device, it can be selected according to the user's needs, half-open and full-open.



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