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ALYL6.0 Vibratory Road Roller

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Product description

ALYL6.0 Road Roller is suitable for different working environment and field. It has excellent performance and fits for short distance deployment. It’s good for construction in narrow area, tall building, pavement, trench backfill, embankment dam foundation etc.


Characteristic and Performance


1. Equipped with well-known brand C490BPG diesel engine with high efficiency and fuel saving. Power is up to 36 kw;

2. Rear axle can be assembled with tire or steel wheels. Steel wheel can press asphalt, rubber wheel can be compacted backfill. Rubber wheel is with good crawling ability.

3. Choose American "Parker" hydraulic vibration system, well-known brand "Ward" electronic vibration valve, working more stable and reliable.

4. Adopt mature technology of wheel side deceleration system, rear axle and gearbox assembly, with power output 131 transmission shaft, hydraulic clutch, equipped with vacuum booster brake system to make the roller more safe and reliable;

5. The hydraulic system is equipped with pressure measuring device, which is convenient to grasp and adjust the system pressure. The steering system adopts full hydraulic steering gear, which makes the operation convenient and flexible.

6. Electric system has lighting equipment, which is convenient for working in fogging day or night. The front and rear wheels are all equipped with scraper and sprinkler. The roller surface can be kept clean in working time.




Main Technical Parameters



ALYL6.0 Road Roller

Grade Ability


Walking Speed

12 km/h

Nominal Amplitude

0.5 mm

Vibration Frequency

60 hz

Exciting Force

60 kn

Engineer Model



36 kw

Electric parts Voltage

12 v

Wheel Base

2400 mm

Minimum turning radius

5000 mm

Steel wheel width

1400 mm

Steel wheel diameter

1150 mm

Working weight

6000 kg

Machine dimension

4400*1600*2400 mm



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